Toren Fusion V vertical tasting


Friday January 15th

¬†One wine, 8 vintages! That was the challenge we took last night with 10 vivino members. The Toren Fusion V 2004-2011. Amazing how the vintages differ in style. From fruity ‘green’ wines till oaky ‘warm’ wines. 2004 was just to old for pleasing us. 2006 had some faults and concerning the other vintages 2005 and 2007 pleased me the most. A bit ‘warm’ Bordeaux style. Fine harmony between the five varieties. Flavors of cherries, blackberries, vanille, caramel and liquorice. Both muscular and elegant too. In my opinion the 2005 was a bit more refined and showed more elegancy while the 2007 showed more power and intensity. But both wines showed the best they had. A very interesting and educational vertical tasting! I can hardly believe I will visit The Toren in about 5 weeks! Then I will probably taste the 2012-2015 vintages! look forward to it!

P1010001De Toren 2004 – 2011



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